Arizona Forensic Psychiatry
Roland Segal, M.D., DFAPA


About Dr. Segal: 

Dr. Segal is a forensically trained, double boarded and medically licensed psychiatrist in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He specializes in a broad range of clinical and legal psychiatric issues. 

Dr. Segal is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at A.T. Still University Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.  

He served as President of the Arizona Psychiatric Society (2015-16).


To provide objective unbiased expert evaluations, consultations and opinions in the field of forensic and clinical psychiatry.


Dr. Segal strives to be a respected forensic and clinical psychiatrist whose psychiatric opinions are valued by both sides of the adversarial legal system, and whose clinical opinions are of benefit to the recipients.


Objectivity, morality, ethics, mindfulness, and cultural awareness in a diverse society.